The benchmark for ambitious brands.

With Brandpad, you own the experience—from brand delivery to usage and updates. Bring assets and guides on how to use them together in one dedicated place—easily shared and automatically synced for all.

Designed by you.

Unique brands deserve a unique space. With Brandpad, you design the platform to match the identity it contains—combining assets and guides in one.

Shared digitally.

Set live and share the identities with your team, clients and partners at your preferred domain—without the receiver needing "yet another user login". Distribute once and the job is done. 

Updated and synced.

With the identity in the cloud, updates come easy. Changes are automatically synced and instantly accessible to everyone everywhere. No versions, no emails.

Made for portfolios.

With your identities in Brandpad, you get a standardized way to deliver and maintain brands. Your portfolio is managed from one place, with the right access given to everyone.

Designed by you.

Uniquely designed by you with no coding required. Don't just adjust and fill with assets, design the actual brand experience.

Relevant content.

Brandpad is made to be where assets and guides on how to use them come together. Bring images, text, videos and assets.

Shareable & brandable

Everything people need to know about the identity with the accessibility of a branded link. Accessible whenever, for the relevant human beings.

Custom everything.

Your brand in focus. In addition to custom design, bring custom fonts, custom domains, custom favicons, and custom Open Graph content to every single brand.


Some creative processes require collaboration. Invite as many collaborators to help create, revise or continue the work as you please.

Client invites.

When a guideline is ready to launch, you can invite a client to take over ownership. While you have access to your whole portfolio, clients will only have access to their brand.


No more manually converting color values. After adding the identity colors to Brandpad, our Color Palette module automatically converts your hexes into the correct RGB values.

Guides and assets—together.

Keeping assets separate from the guides on how to use them makes no sense. With Brandpad, you can make the identity easy to use—and hard to misuse.

No-worries hosting.

Fully hosted and secured by Brandpad through our hosting partners. No limits on sizes or bandwidth.


Made for design studios that handle a portfolio of brands, our plans scale seamlessly with you.

Asset downloads.

Never email a logo again. Clients and partners can download logos, vectors and other files hassle-free.


Kickstart a brand using an existing brand guideline template and change the necessary styling and content to make it unique.

Custom fonts.

Use the exact font you chose for the identity. Choose between all Google Fonts, Adobe Fonts or upload a custom font of your choice.

Backed up.

All work is automatically saved and backed up in Brandpad's cloud service. All changes automatically sync.

Public or private.

When a brand is ready to be set live you can choose if the platform should be public or password-protected.

Navigation & ToC.

Add navigation and internal links to your guideline to provide users with a shortcut to the information or assets they seek.

Synced and used.

Brands made in Brandpad are set live and auto-synced with every update. End-users don't need 'yet another login', just provide them with the link and they have access.

Plans that fit all.

Our plans are made to scale with your portfolio and team. Sign up to try for free.